Business Marketing Final

1. I think that both speaking accurately and listening actively is important for a manager.     But I think that active listening is the most important for the manager.   To be an active listener is hard work.   You have to concentrate, and you have to want to fully understand what a speaker is saying.   Also being an active listener is good because you can make great feedback to the employees of the organization and also you understand everything what is going to go on or what has gone on.
2. I disagree.   While the sender has a responsibility to communicate clearly and effectively and avoid communication barriers, the receiver has just as much responsibility in the communication process. Specifically, a receiver must be willing to actively listen and also pay attention to and consider nonverbal clues, as well as avoid communication barriers.
3. A potential drawback (and the only one I think is worth watching for) is that people will get used to the basic necessities being provided to them and taking it for granted that such a thing was going to continue to occur.
4. In my opinion constitutes sexual harassment is when a man or a women promotes unwanted acting or activity of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly effects an individual’s employment performance or work environment.
5. Yes, a low-level employee can be a change agent because they are people who act as change catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing the change process.
6. Yes, planning is the ideal approach when making change in an organization although unplanned change can also be effective for the organization and can keep the environment on their toes.
7. I disagree.   Problem employees do need to be discipline when acting out.   The manager could try counseling if necessary or take verbal or written warning, suspensions and even terminations.
8. Some challenges you could face when being responsible for managing a group whose members are much older than you are: they might...