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Kudler Fine Foods Market Research

July 5, 2012
Robert Spotswood

Kudler Fine Foods Market Research
Kudler Fine Foods is a food store specializing in the specialty foods market. They have three stores that are located just north of San Diego California along the sandy Californian coast. Krudler concentrates on a fine selection of bakery and pastry products, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, condiments and packaged food, and cheese and specialty dairy products. They boast on their company website having “the very best domestic and imported fare.” The founder of Kudler Fine Foods is Kathy Kudler who, before opening her own business was the marketing vice-president for a large defense contractor. Soon after Kathy created her business plan in 1998 the first Kudler Fine Foods opened in La Jolla California and two more in Del Mar, and Encinitas shortly after. This growing business has been founded on a firm and sound bedrock of understanding of the market it is currently sitting on. However there are always ways to improve on a good thing to make it a great thing. This paper will discuss some of the areas where additional market research is needed at Kudler Fine Foods as well as analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis regarding the development of the company.
First there are many good things one sees when looking at the company website. One notices that there is a page for customers to take a survey of how they feel about the company and what kind of service and quality of food they felt they were getting. This, while a good idea, may not be enough and may be an excellent way for the company to gather more market research from the consumers of their product. This will also be a way for Kudler to track how well any of the marketing tactics it may want to implement are working.
One tactic that would seem to work swimmingly for a fine foods establishment such as Kudler would be the introduction of the notion of the health food...