Business Information Systems Club It Part I

Club IT Essay Part 1

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      Making decisions based on strategic planning is highly important in today’s economy for business owners.   For that reason, organizations apply different types of information systems.   After graduating from college with a degree in business administration, Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada both decided to open a night club.   Ruben and Lisa allocated their funds properly, though they need help in the information management department.   Ruben and Lisa needed assistance for some with a full analysis of their needs.

Club IT wants to provide a relaxed and safe environment for individuals to gather and meet.   The clubs clientele of the club is mainly for individuals between the ages of 21-30.   Club IT serves alcoholic beverages and so, no one under 21 is allowed, even though, the club also serves appetizers and other items are included in the menu.   Lisa and Ruben hire live bands, world DJs, NYC bands, San Francisco bands, and the main focus on music is hip-hop, techno, electronica, and MP3 playlists.   The club also has open mike, country, alternative, R&B, Latin, jazz and folk music throughout the upcoming months.

Merchandise such as t-shirts, baseball caps, shot glasses and glass mugs are available for club members to purchase.   The club’s staff consists of 1 Assistant manager, 4 bartenders, 6 waiters, 2 stewards, 2 short order cooks, and 4 security guards.   Every employee has access to their information via online through the employee portal.

Every organization is in need of information systems to collect data in support of the corporations’ mission.   Information management systems must be incorporated to an organization to ease the flow of communication between management and employees and employees within employees. Microsoft Vista or XP are excellent office automation systems used for communication. Another wonderful program is Microsoft Outlook which facilities the...