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BIS100 Information Systems Description _ Student Admission Information System (SAIS)

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This document provides a high-level description of an information system.  It includes 1) a general description and of the information system that documents the title, overall function, and the users of an information system and what they wish to do with the information system, 2) an external view of the information system including the inputs, outputs, boundary, and information processing and storage that the system performs, and 3) an internal view of the information system including the particular information processors, information stores, and any networks within the information system.  

Table of Contents

  1. General Description
  2. External Description
  3. External View
  4. Internal Description
  5. Internal View
  6. Further Notes
  7. References

1. General Description of the Information System


Student Admission Information System (SAIS)

General Description

A system that receives application forms and determines to approve student with their desired program of study.

The system stores applicant's personal detail, program of study, tuition fee receipts and student contracts, offer letters.

Users (or Other Information Systems) and User Functions

Applicants: apply for a courses of study. Provide application form and make payments as inputs and receive application form results as outputs.

Applicant banks: transfer applicant's tuition fee as an input and send produce receipts as outputs.

Administration Department: provide signed student contracts, offer letters as outputs.


Student Admission Information System at Curtin University.

2. External Description of the Information System


Applicants: payments, application forms including applicant's academic transcript and personal details. 

Applicant banks: Electronic files with applicant bank detail and...