Business Ethics Across Cultures Review Articles

Business Ethics across Cultures Article Review
February 9, 2014

Business Ethics across Cultures Article Review
The differences of cultural begin with ethical variations of perspectives or business ethics of each and every international company. When dealing with international or intercultural businesses the language is one of the barriers, but even tough language is a barrier corporation and businesses must consider having business ethics when they communicate with international and intercultural. With the growth of globalization has prompted businesses to develop international codes of ethics. These codes of ethics are used all around the world, as a standard procedure of ethics no matter the culture or country that a corporation or business deals with. With that known, this has all employees following the same code of ethics and also keeps the corporation running smoothly and ethically. The two countries that were chosen for this assignment on ethical perspectives are China and Brazil. These articles give me an overview of the research that was used to compare ethical differences between Americans versus China and Americans versus Brazil the MBA graduates that work during the study.
The Articles of China and Brazil on the ethical perspectives is that China really believes that communication is the key component in business affairs. Employees of both international corporations and domestic use their communication skills to complete any deals and their business transactions and trading communications. China sets themselves apart from other third world countries, because of their ethics and how they base their ethics of teaching. China teaches what is called the teachings of Confucius, which is known as a political figure, thinker, and an educator.   These teachings give China a foundation on how they perceive education of males and give the right direction on how a person should live their life. The teachings of Confucius give China a guideline on...