Business Ethics

Business Ethics Across Cultures: Australia & China
Deborah Cotter
October 2, 2011
George Camposano

Business Ethics Across Cultures: Australia & China
The United States is not the only country that practices strong, sound business ethics-for the most part, anyway. Australia, which some people may consider a “second America,” also strives for business ethics that uphold the country’s moral values and principles. China, on the other hand, is struggling in their corporate offices. Many of the younger generations are frustrated with the corruption often seen in business influences (Schulman, 2010).
Business ethics in Australia may appear similar to those often used in the United States. According to "Australian Business Ethics" (1999-2011), “Ethical business behavior revolves around being upfront, presenting yourself honestly and judging someone based on actions and skill, not on title or rank (para. 1).” Businesses in Australia do not allow upper management to have a higher authority than employees at a lower level. Because the corporate model allows lower-level employees the opportunity to voice their opinion on important matters, these employees are valued and respected. However, one must realize that just because an employee’s opinion is voiced and heard does not necessarily mean the opinion will be acted upon. Nonetheless, lower-level employees are not left out of the loop when decisions are made. Their belief is that all employees can have important insight and valuable input into the decision-making process.
Glass ceilings do not exist in Australia. Women are respected for the work they have achieved and often hold positions of high authority. Female employees are just as likely to hold a high-ranking position as male employees. The respect professional women receive is imperative in the business world. This can be problematic for visitors to this country whose own country may not allow such advances and privileges for women....