Business Ethics


  Course content:
    1.       Evolution of ethics in business – culture and ethics - overview of ethics value system, attitude, belief, a life patterns – social economics values and responsibility trusteeship management – Gandhian philosophy of wealth management – Ethics and Indian management. Basic framework of Normative ethics and decision making, social responsibility of business – Ethical aspects of corporate policy, morality and rationality in Formal Organisation – Moral relationship between Individual and Organisations.
    2. Relationship between Ethics and Corporation Excellence – Approaches for developing various orientation towards Ethical Business Behaviour.
    3. Corporate Governance – including suggestions of the Adrian Cadbury report, the Kumaramangalam report and their ethical ramifications.
    4. Ethics in International scenario – focusing on the unique nature of ethical dilemmas in a cross – cultural setup, guidelines for resolving and examples of corporate transgressions as well as corporate courage and ingenuity.
    5. Moral Evolution of the firm – dealing with the stages of Ethical Growth and Organisations and categorization of Indian trains – national corporate at various stages of growth.

  Reference text:

  1. Ethics of Management by Hosmer
  2. Ethics of Management by Chakraborty
  3. Ethics by Chandra sekhar
  4. What is ethical in Ethics by John Henderson.
  5. Business Ethics by Manish Paliwal
  6. A study in Business Ethics by Rituparna Raj
  7. Business Ethics and Professional Values by A.B.Rao
  8. Business Ethics   by C.V.S. Murthy
  9. Foundations of Ethics in Management by Bani Banerjee


      "Without civic morality communities perish; without personal morality their survival has no value."   - Bertrand Russell