Bundu Changeover

• Switches to Generator automatically if the power is lost and back to mains when it returns. • Hassle free transition. • You don’t have to do anything. • GSM Alert will tell you if the unit has started. (Optional)  
The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) has a control cable of five (5) meters connecting the generator's electronic control panel to the ATS. The ATS includes a battery charger to ensure the unit is always ready to start at any time without intervention from the user.
An ATS must be sized according to the incoming mains amperage of the application, as this can often be higher than the amps produced by the generator.  
Once installed, simply set the unit to the “ON” position. The starting battery will be kept topped up by the ATS charger and the generator will be ready to start at a moment’s notice when the Mains power fails.
Bundu Power ATS's can be fitted to all Diesel Generators sold by Bundu Power. Sizes will vary according to the various applications and generator being used.  
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• More Control over when the generator starts and stops. • You can never have mains and generator feeding the house at the same time. • Avoid having to go outside to start the generator by fitting a Remote Start (Optional)  
The Manual Change Over Switch (MCS) as the name suggests is a manual option to install your generator. You have the ability to start the unit and transfer the load from the incoming mains power to the generator power by switching the handle on the front of the MCS.
The generator takes about 30 seconds to sufficiently warm up at which stage you can turn the handle on the MCS and you will start supplying power to the circuits that have been put through the MCS.  
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GSM ALERT – Ideal to be used with an ATS to...