Tv in the 1950's

Ben Higley
Rough draft research paper

Movies and T.V of the 50's
The Moving Picture in the 1950's was a booming and highly profitable business and for the first time it had come into Americans households. The industry had evolved from radio to black and white T.V to color T.V all in a matter of a couple years. The movie industry was struck hard by the T.V and had to play catch-up while at the same time suffering through a period of reorganization and rearrangement of processes and Techniques.
Movies first attempts were in 1895 years before the 1950's. Called moving pictures they were essentially that, over the years progressing to what became known as a movie. The movie went though many eras but the first is the fact that of the silent era of film, creating the image plus sound was not possible for inventors and producers, since no practical way was devised until the late 1920s. Therefor the first thirty years of their history, movies were silent, although accompanied by live musicians and sometimes sound effects and even commentary spoken by the showman or projectionist. In first eleven years of motion pictures is when the cinema moved from a novelty to an established large-scale industry. The films themselves demonstrate a movement from films consisting of one shot or one scene, completely made by one person with a few assistants, towards films several minutes long consisting of several scenes, which were made by large companies. By the year 1907 there were about 4,000 small cinemas (known as Nickelodeon cinemas) in the United States. Eventually venues   changed from these small nickelodeon cinemas to larger cinemas charging higher prices. The films were also shown with the addition of music provided by musicians placed in front of the screen. There were very few larger cinemas but there were some in the biggest cities. Initially, the majority of films in the programs were Pathé (1863–1957 French movie pioneer. In 1896 he and his brothers founded...