Materials Management Proposal

Materials Management Proposal
Michael Battaglio
Professor Chris Millen
October 25, 2010

In today's healthcare market, organizations need to find ways to keep expenses low and increase their efficiency so they can maximize profits. Collaborative planning processes can greatly aide companies looking to accomplish both these goals simultaneously. Materials managers and operations managers play an important part in ensuring the smoothness of operations within a business. Each player has a part that they must play if the company is to be successful.
The role of a materials manager is very important in any business but especially within the healthcare field. Materials management deals with the "administration of all activities concerned with the ordering, storage, and movement of materials. This includes the storage of raw materials and parts and the manning of production operation centers". (,  2007) These managers play an important part in ensuring the smooth and continuous operation of business
"Operations management deals with the design and management of products, processes, services and supply chains. It considers the acquisition, development, and utilization of resources that firms need to deliver the goods and services their clients want." (MIT Sloan School Of Management, 2010). Operations managers work hand in hand with materials managers to get the job done and keep business operating.
Within the hospital there may arise different constraints that threaten to stop or slow down the supply chain. Possible constraints are shortages of equipment, miscommunication and lack of money. Shortages of equipment is a big problem within a healthcare organization as this will mean employees are not able to treat patients and therefore not be able to do their job. Often times shortages are noticed during bigger events such as an outbreak, or a natural disaster where large amounts of employees needing the same thing are seen at the same...