Quality Control

Quality Control Evaluation Mechanisms for Information Systems Projects

Table of Contents
Abstract 1
Introduction 1
Company Overview 2
Description of Information System Project Portfolio 2
Scope of Services for IS Projects and Quality Requirements 2
Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). 2
Federal Emergency Management Agency. 3
Analysis of Existing Internal Quality Controls 4
Why control and evaluation mechanisms are critical for maintaining quality 5
Identify recommendations to increase effectiveness of the controls 6
Organizational Weakness and Risk in Quality Management 7
Audit and Observation 7
Audit Procedures 8
Findings from Audit and Observation. 9
Implementing a Quality Framework for IS projects 9
Conclusion 10
References 12
Figures 14

Figure 1- JDW Group P chart 14
Figure 2 - Control Process Capability 14


  The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship of quality management systems and the evaluation mechanisms for Information Systems projects used by JDW Group. The paper will highlight the benefits and risk to determine if a quality system contributes to the overall effectiveness of the organizational Quality Management program and successful project delivery. The paper will also correlate the effectiveness of nationally recognized quality achievements such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) that encourages organizations to move from the functional structure to process-based systems. (Asllani & Lari, 2013, p.432).
This paper will explore the quality control processes used by JDW group in the execution of its Information technology projects. The response will provide analysis of existing controls and evaluation mechanism for JDW Group; that aligns to organizational responsibility.   The paper will also explore specific quality methods and controls; and the company Quality Management Systems. The research will also focus on a portfolio of completed...