Bucket List

Tina G
I. Vernon
28 June 2011
Three things on my bucket list.
There are many things on my bucket list that I want to accomplish before I die. Some are more important than others. They range from achieving my college education, seeing the northern lights, and owning my own Harley Davidson Motor Cycle. All of these things will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice to achieve.
Currently I am working to achieve my bachelor’s degree. It has proven to be a lot of hard work and has taught me to be more patient, organized, and persistent. This process began by selecting Cleveland State University (CSU) as the school I wanted to attend and by submitting an application. After receiving a notification of acceptance I had to decide on a major. After spending hours on the computer searching out high demand jobs that I would be interested in. I decided to major in Operation and Supply Chain Management. This major seemed to closely match some of my interest and my experience from my former factory jobs. At my first factory job I worked in inventory as the inventory analyst and extended that knowledge into data entry. At my most recent factory job I worked as a stock person in a warehouse where I loaded and unloaded trucks accounting for the inventory that was received and shipped during my shift. With that decision made, I began scheduling classes. Many classes that I took at North Central State College in Mansfield transferred to CSU. After all of the credits had been accounted for my status here at CSU is at the junior level. This means that I do not have as many classes to take to achieve my degree. Graduation should be after fall semester of 2013 provided I can get all of the classes I need to fit into my time frame.
After graduation the plan is to take my son, Adam who is also graduating from Mapleton High School in June of 2013, on a dual celebration, a cruise to Alaska. He has wanted to go on a cruise since he was a freshmen and I want to see the northern...