Research Proposal for Premarital Sex

Chapter I
The Problem and its Background


In today’s world where modernization is a big factor in the massive change of the world’s society, there is a major problem that affects the lives of innocent teens, that is premarital sex. It is a sexual activity including vaginal intercourse, oral sex and anal sex practiced by persons who are not married (Cavendish, 2008). It is a modern dilemma to be considered because of its worldwide effects, such as HIV-AIDS, teenage pregnancy and immorality in connection to the Catholic Church and other religions. People are aware with what problems and diseases it can give. But no matter how popular it might be, there is no satisfying answer to why there is an increasing rate to the teens who are engaged to this problem.
Premarital Sex is a dilemma as mentioned earlier, and of course there are reasons why teens are engaged to this. And with the help of this research we can pinpoint the reasons why students are engaged to this and whether it is being done in universities and specifically here in South Western University.
By conducting a study, it will solidify and strengthen the information enclosed in this research. It is a basic way of knowing where to start and how we are going to address this kind of matter.
Premarital sex is a very sensitive topic because of the RH Bill under debate in the senate. And because of that bill we are separated from each other’s decisions whether to support or not the RH Bill. But one thing remains constant, premarital sex is still the problem that devours our humanity with or without the RH Bill, premarital sex won’t be changed. It is still a life-threatening disease.

Statement of the Problem:
Premarital Sex is one of the reasons why students usually perform badly in school and why students drop-out from their class and studies.
  * How do students perform in class before they were engaged to premarital sex? And how do they perform when they started doing it?