Social Work Is My Major

Delicia Mchenry
English 090-40554
26 October 2010
The Bucket List
Taking a Caribbean cruise, going to Jamaica and going to see the New Orleans Saints play in the Superdome are a few of the things I would like to do in my life time. Even though it will cost a lot of money to go on a cruise to Jamaica my heart and mind is made up. I see going to New Orleans in the near future. I’m saving money to make the cruise to Jamaica really come true.
Have been and will always be a big New Orleans Saints fan. That’s why going to the Superdome to see the New Orleans Saints play is at the top of my list. On Sunday’s when the Saints play my sons and husband know not to talk to me. I’m like that McDonalds’s commercial “don’t talk to me I haven’t had my coffee” but instead I’ll say “don’t talk to me the Saints are playing”. Every other day I check the internet for ticket prices hoping to find a good deal. Either on the cruise or tickets to the game, it may seem small to some, I’m simple when it comes to life. Would love to see the Greek Isles or even the South of France but if I don’t see those things, just maybe I can make this happen. Boy I could see me now; Superdome right at the fifty yard line,   Drew Brees back to past, lets a beautiful spiral go down to the one yard line, where Reggie Bush makes a dive for the football makes the catch; Touchdown!!!!! SAINTS!!!!!! That’s something I would love!!! Now the Cruise yeah it’s a dream but can I tell a secret I’m afraid of the water, and really don’t know if I would like it but it looks so alluring. Sun tan bodies on white sandy beaches crystal blue waters fill with all sorts of fish, sipping on some exotic drink with me and my husband…. I think, well yeah he can come. Romantic sunsets in Jamaica, followed by a night of sexy dancing could make you forget about any fear of water. Shopping would be one of the heights of my venture, I love sandals and I bet they have an array of sandals at some of the ports on my cruise....