What's on Your "Bucket List?"

Kathryn Martin Martin 1
Miss Amanda Childress
English 102
September 28, 2010
What’s on Your “Bucket List?”
          Splat!   That was the only sound made after the screaming stopped when a thirty-seven year old skydiver’s parachute failed to open.   She had plummeted to her death because of a jealous rival’s fury with her!   Her parachute had been sabotaged!   What a way to go.   After reading this story, I had to delve further in to see exactly what this was all about.   Some people have no regard for human life when they can become obsessed enough with jealousy over minor trivial things that they can commit the horrendous act of murder.
          According to Raf Casert of the Journal News, the two women involved knew each other very well and were close friends (par 1).   They even shared the same first name! They also shared a passion for skydiving, and they both loved the same man.   This kind of sounds like an advertisement for a motion picture doesn’t it?   After researching, it probably could be!   I certainly wouldn’t want something like this to happen to me!
          On November 18, 2006, Els Van Doren, an experienced skydiver with 2,300 jumps to her name, leapt out of a Cessna with Els Clottemans, Marcel Somers, and another skydiver to perform aerial maneuvers during their fall.   Clottemans, however, said she had jumped a fraction too late to join the other three.   When the sign was given to open the chutes, Van Doren struggled with hers and hurtled towards the ground.   The helmet mounted camera that she had
Martin 2
recorded her desperate attempt to open her reserve parachute (par 4).   We even have it on film!
          Ms. Van Doren was a married mother of two, who spent most of her weekends away from her family, skydiving and hanging out with her boyfriend, Marcel Somers, at the skydiving club or at his house (Herald Sun par 3).   A week before her death, Van Doren, Clottesman, and Somers all three stayed at Somers’ home with...