Cover the following two elements:
1. Describe what you do in your work.
2. Describe two areas where you would like to improve or change what you do or how you do it and why you would like to make these improvements or changes.
You will find it useful to draw on your notes from:
• Study Guide: Activity 2.3
• Writing for Work and Study: Chapter 6, Effectiveness checklist
You will also need to decide whether your writing will take the form of an essay or report – Chapters 3 and 5 of Writing for Work and Study will help you in this decision.
The word count is 1,000 words.

Guidance notes
You will need to consider what you do in your work, how you do it and how best to communicate that information through your assignment answer.
Start by reminding yourself of the three questions you were introduced to in Chapter 3 of Writing for Work and Study (these were: Who will read this? Why are you writing this? What information do you need to include?). You will also need to look back at the notes you have made in your reading of the rest of Chapters 1–6 of Writing for Work and Study and you should find it helpful to draw on the writing you prepared for Activity 2.3 of the Study Guide.
Description of the work you do
It is important to remember that a description of what you actually do means more than a technical description of your job (such as you would see in a formal job or person specification). For example, much of the work that we do involves teamwork, communication, leadership, and professional skills. By describing how your work involves some of these issues in practical terms, on a day-to-day basis, you will start to identify areas in which you might want to change and improve. You might also want to describe how your role relates to the organisation in which you work, and how your work interacts with other people and their work.
Description of the areas that you would like to improve or change
We all have areas in our work (whether paid or otherwise)...

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