BU130 Working and Learning:

[pic] STUDENT; ANNA PARR B7475737


I have chosen time management as my first topic because it affects everyone despite if they work or not. We all live our lives around time; it is like a timetable from the moment we get up to when we go to bed. We have 24 hours in which to fit everything in like getting kids to school, going to work, having lunch, finishing our work load at work, going home, chores at home, social events and so on.. Everything we do is done by time. In a way time management is good to learn so that everything can run smoothly..


My second I have chosen working relations and communications-good communication strategies can help build a strong working relationship with customers, clients and team members at work. Effective work relationships are important to ensure good job performance. Conflicts with co-workers can add stress to our lives so they should be sorted out to create a productive working environment.

          Effective communication techniques can help build strong working relationships. Sharing the workload can help too. Communicate so that everyone knows exactly what they are doing and what needs to be done.

Section 1: Possible LearPulling together your thoughts about Section 1. Make notes in your Learning Journal of your thoughts about the questions and illustrative cases in study to make improvements in your performance at work.   You will study these in the work-based learning inquiries which you will carry out from week 11 of this module.

Remember that you are strongly advised to make one of your topics time management and to choose at least one of your topics from those covered in the Topic Guides (you will find further guidance on this in Activity 1.6 of the Study Guide). If you are a BUXS130 student one of your topics must be Customer care in the public sector. You should...

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