Queen Elizabeth Hospital


University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) is a regional and national centre for specialist clinical services. It is home to some of the country's leading cinical research institutios, and is dedicated to developing and implementing ground breaking treatments, technologies and techniques.

I am working as a administrator for NHS in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. My dutys are environment that I organise meetings for my fellow colleagues and also attend these meetings to make sure that the requirments are met. Creating presentations about different work related topics and presenting them at meetings providing factual information for the staff and to maintain that everone is on track regard what they are doing. I will also help people that need the correct information regarding an enquiry made or the purpose of their visit. Giving directions to people is also my job by either showing or asking a member of staff to fulify their needs in the correct manner.

QEH Background:

The old Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) was built, along with the adjoining Medical School, next to the University of Birmingham in the 1930s.

It was designed to be at the leading edge of healthcare in Birmingham and across the country, consolidating the services of the city's 18th century teaching hospitals.

QEH was opened in Edgbaston in the late 1930s. When construction began at the site in 1933, it marked a new departure for medicine in Birmingham, linking hospital and academic medicine on a single site.

In the words of the architects responsible for the hospital's design, "Modern hospital and medical practice demands there shall be organic and integral connection between the scientist and the clinician for the most efficient treatment of the patient."

A larger hospital was also required to care for the expanding population of Birmingham, referred to at that time as the "Second City". Any place which lays claim to such a...

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