discussed in Tutor Group Forum, allowed me to think through my own strengths and weaknesses (reluctance to say no, acting impulsively, impatient and failing to let things go) and I realised how this could impact on my performance in the workplace.   I applied the same analysis to my work experiences and noted the weaknesses to be poor delegation and failing to organise my workload effectively.   The threats were predominantly, the high level of work, staff absences, office distractions and interruptions.   Each of these posed a risk to the opportunities   - developing training materials for a new IT system and to gain enjoyment from coaching staff through the process.   I want to work on addressing these issues to allow me to participate in the training project successfully.

The Learning Contract  
Time Management
Main frustration at work is being unable to achieve all of the daily tasks I have set out to do.
What I want to achieve :-
I would really like to become much more organised at work – achieve all of daily tasks without these spilling over into the following day.
Frequently distracted from my tasks – e-mail interruptions also distracting -some of these are wasteful use of time.
Postponing meetings to deal with urgent casework is frustrating
Agreeing to additional tasks without appreciating realistic timeframe (working late & weekend to finish)
Lots of discussion with HQ re what is happening in the future   - need to know more about what is happening in the present - constantly racing against the time.

Work relations and communications
What I want to achieve: –
Need to keep on top of supervision sessions  
Team meetings have slipped – last meeting was held in September!
Inconsistencies in team that are addressed at the time but nothing noted formally to staff.
Need to be clearer in my communication to others – sometimes misinterpreted, being able to say ‘no’ to additional tasks and getting to the point!
Focusing on my time management...

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