Btec Level 3 Unit 1 D1

Good attitude, good attendance and a can do approach
When at a work place, employer’s value good attitudes, good attendance and a can do approach. Employers appreciate good attitudes as having a good attitude in a work place helps keep a positive mind and sets a good example, it can allow you to work better as your work rate will be more effective if you have a positive attitude towards working, as well as possibly improving other people’s attitudes as the individuals attitude will have a positive effect on other people in the work place. If the company you work for deals with customers in a one to one setting having a good attitude will benefit the company as the customer will feel happy as the employee is being positive, polite and kind to the customer which will help the customer to feel happy in the situation they are in, it may also lead the customer to leave positive feedback with the company and significant others which will benefit the company and the employee.
It is important to have good attendance in a work place as if you attend work all the time you will get the work done and have a good reputation with the company, if you do not have good attendance in a work place the company may be forced to fire you as not turning up to work will have a negative effect on the company and the individual as the company will believe that the individual doesn’t care about their attendance and that they won’t be a benefit to the company, therefore they may decide to employ someone who will have a positive effect on the company. If an individual has good attendance it will have a positive effect on them as they won’t be at risk of losing their job and when they go to find another job later in their life the company will be able to see that the individual has good attendance which is a positive when an employer is looking to employ someone.
It is important to have a can do approach as having a positive attitude towards difficult task in the work place will allow...