Level 3 Award Education & Training

Richard Baildon
BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training
Title Of Assignment : Task 1 – Establishing Ground Rules & Promoting Appropriate Behaviour

Word Count 571

The establishment of ground rules and the promotion of appropriate behaviour (rules and behaviour) are the two key functions of a Tutor that underpin their effective presentation and maximise the learning potential for the student. The Tutor may well know their subject and be able to present in an effective manner but if their work does not reflect the needs of their students or the work alienates a particular individual or group then the learning opportunities may be minimised and ultimately the performance of the tutor is poor.

A tutors responsibilities begin well before they walk into the classroom and they should initially consider the subject matter that they are teaching and which techniques and tools they propose to use. The tutor may consider which resources they are intending to draw upon and consideration needs to be made that the resources should represent the diversity of the needs of their audience.

The tutor needs to have then an understanding of the audience they are serving in order to maximise the learning opportunities further. What their general needs are likely to be and how the tutor can empathise with them to meet their needs. For example giving new students a tour of the facilities. It is important then to consider the individual student and their needs. Appropriate questions based around the application process can be useful in understanding individual needs and considering what efforts can be put in place to mitigate them.

If the tutor has prepared effectively they will then be in a position to present their course. This needs to begin in a way that establishes ground rules and fine tunes the course from the outset to the needs of the individual and collective group.   There are three basic strategies for establishing ground rules and this can be student...