Unit 47 It Virtualization

Assignment Brief

BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Computing and Systems Development

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Unit Number:   Unit 47 IT Virtualisation | Unit Number/Code:                       Y/601/1244 |
Credit Value:   15 credits | Guided Learning Hours:               60 |
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Assignment QA Approval Date:   10th October 2013 | Date Issued to Learner: |
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Unit aim:To provide learners with an understanding of the principles of virtualisation and the deployment of virtual server and desktop environments as a commercial or personal technology option. Unit abstract:As technology has evolved, the need to create virtual systems to simulate the behaviour of a real environment has become a primary objective. In having a virtual environment, an information technology professional may use virtualisation to plan a server deployment, test an application or operating system update, as well as test software created in a development environment.The power of virtualisation has reached a stage where many commercial environments use virtualisation to run seemingly live arrays of servers to ensure redundancy, reliably, security and a lower cost of hardware ownership. It has become possible with the development of server virtualisation environments to have one hardware platform deliver many servers or remote workstations.There are many hardware and software virtualisation solutions offered by different vendors. This unit allows the learner to access either desktop based virtualisation or server-based virtualisation, or possibly both. In delivery, there are many free to education as well as commercially available offerings.Creating a virtualisation environment will require an understanding of the host system and its limitations as well as the requirements of the guest operating system. This unit will encourage the learner to explore how this may be accomplished and...