Legislation Btec Level 3 Construction

Environmental protection Act 1990 is an powerful piece of a legislation that was introduced to protect the United Kingdoms environment. In 1995, the environment Agency was set up. These are the main Act of parliament was introduced to protect the environment:
Water Act 1989
Control of pollution (Amendment) Act 1989
Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990
Land Drainage Act 1991
Water Resources Act 1991
Environment Act 1995.
The environment Agency had passed legislation to cover the following environmental areas:
Noise and statutory nuisance
Pollution prevention and control (PPC)
Plant protection
Radioactive substances
The environmental regulations developed from Acts of Parliament include the End of life Vehicle Regulations 2003 and Agricultural waste of the Regulations 2006. There are hundreds of European directives concerning the environment that was created by the European Parliament for each member of the country develops in the environmental regulations.
Health and Safety Executive
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has powers to enforce the government legislation. HSE has very little input on the environmental side of the law apart
from the nuclear directive governing that can release of radiation. HSE primarily investigates safety in the environmental issues, for example they make sure that the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn when cleaning up a spillage. You should   breach a safety regulation occur, then HSE can have the power of prosecution.
Environment Agency
Environment Agency (EA) is an public body whose role that can protect the environment. According to the EA's chairman the EA is 'is a leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. It is their job to make sure the air, land and water is looked after by everyone in today's society, so that tomorrow's generation inherit is a...