Bp Essay

Tony Hayward:Group Chief Executive: Strategy ( bp plc site homepage.)

Over the last two years BP have closed the competitive gap identified in 2007 which has helped restore momentum in the core business. BP’s focus on safe and reliable operations is now strongly imbedded in the business. The company are continuing to build the core capabilities of the workforce and this further compliments the improved performance flowing through the bottom line of the companies strata.
As well as delivering a good operational performance over the 2009 periods, BP have delivered, through a significant strategic plan which revised some of their less profitable sectors across the company. On a larger scale, BP performance over he last decade has allowed them to build a portfolio of great quality delivering long sustainability potential equal if not surpassing any in their industry.

BP’s strategy has given them the title of an efficient explorer accompanied with a reserved replacement track record amongst the highest in terms of their competition as well as a long lived asset base with a biast to conventional oil.
In refining and marketing, the company has less overall exposure to refining than peers. With a highgraded portfolio over the past decade, larger and more advantageous refineries than most other super majors puts the company is a good position for further profit growth in the next decade to come.

Looking forward, there is real opportunity to make the new strategy work for investors. While having considerable scope for sector leadership, particularly in costs, capital efficiency and margin quality, the company has reduced expenses through downsizing in 2009, increased profits through further output all the while maintaining a disciplined approach to   the environmental effects of profit creation and implemented various schemes in alternative energy, allof which make BP a very invest able venture in the short, medium and long term timeframes.

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