Bow Shackle Basic Introduction and Endurance Classification

Bow shackle for lifting, towing a connection , because it is similar to the shape of the bow and arrow is called the bow shackle . Bow shackle is widely used in electric power , metallurgy, petroleum, machinery , railway, chemical industry, ports , mining, construction and other industries. Synthetic slings bow shackle links by: synthetic sling identification include : sling types are divided into triangular loop knot, two triangular , two eyes, a circle. When with bow shackle, hook or D -shackle rigging links to other use , such as folding , poly bundle , austerity will lead to reduce weight synthetic sling capacity .
Load capacity is divided into the following categories:
• hitch load capacity : When you inherit bow shackle hitch , if the angle is greater than or equal to 120 degrees only a single bow shackle load capacity of 80 %. Angle of less than or equal to 120 degrees minimum load capacity can only the original 40 %.
• Blue hitch load capacity : Horizontal angle: 90,60,45,30 load capacity of a single cable for % : 200 %, 170 %, 140 %, 100 %.
• Multi- leg sling load capacity : center of gravity at the connection point , and the proper adjustment of the foot to make the case load equal under each foot , three-pin bow shackle ( Lifting the same angle ) of the load capacity of more than two feet bow shackle increased by 50 %.
Note: You must not be used as basis for the selection and use of the rated load , width, color, or harness straps or circular No. logo on the strap .