Sand Maker Basic Introduction

Legal supervision is dominant, industry association effect from the safety management functions and means of the country's point of view, some developed countries as the main means of supervision by law. In the British case, the two are not independent construction administrative departments, the government mainly through legal means to regulate the construction market. In the formulation of a strategy, to the national occupation health safety standards as the basis and core of safety management, play a health and safety law of the main role of law and regulations and standards of rigorous and detailed and technical regulations and other auxiliary regulations, provide a good legal environment for the safety management of construction industry.

China's construction industry safety supervision and management mechanism is not perfect, excessive competition intense and building low cultural quality of workers, poor safety awareness and other subjective reasons caused by the construction industry, construction accidents occur frequently, the safety production management has become an important problem restricting the healthy development of the industry. Our system sand making equipment industry also need to examine system gold ore mining processing equipment equipment to ensure the quality of sand stone making machine, have the safety in production. China may be from the aggregate mining machine in vietnam developed standard operating procedures for safe production practices, improve the overall level of safety production of construction in china.

In developed countries, Japan, Britain and other American began from twentieth Century 60-70 years, in-depth research on the safety of the construction industry, to seek to reduce the accident rate and ways to reduce accident loss from all legal, economic, culture, organization, technology, construction safety management reflects the higher level. Occupation health and safety management system construction is part of the...