Mdu Exam

Class Work : 50 Marks
Exam : 100 Marks
Section A
Semantics: A selected list of Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones and Homonyms. Form and function of words.
Syntax: Sentence structures, Verb patterns and their usage
Section B
Phonetics: Basic Concepts – Vowels, Consonants, Phonemes, Syllables; Articulation of Speech Sounds – Place and Manner of Articulation; Transcription of words and simple sentences, using International Phonetic Alphabet.
Comprehension: Listening and Reading comprehension – Note taking, Reviewing, Summarising, Interpreting, Paraphrasing and Précis Writing.
Section C
Composition: Descriptive, Explanatory, Analytical and Argumentative Writing – description of simple objects like instruments, appliances, places, persons, principles; description and explanation of processes and operations; analysis and arguments in the form of debate and group discussion
Section D
Text: English for Students of Science by A.Roy and P.L. Sharma (Orient Longman)
Chapters for Study:
i) “The year 2050″ by Theodore J. Gordon.
ii) “The Mushroom of Death” by A. Bandhopadhyay.
iii) Human Environment by Indira Gandhi.
iv) Experiment amd Experience by W.R. Niblett.
The prescribed text will be used as a case study for various components of the syllabus.
(For Internal Evaluation Only):
Book Review – Herein the students will be required to read and submit a review of a book (Literary or non-literary) of their own choice. This will be followed by a presentation of the same in the class.
Examiner will set 9 questions in total, with two questions from each section and one question covering all sections which will be Q.1. This Q.1 is compulsory and of short answer type. Each question carries equal mark (20 marks). Students have to attempt 5 questions in total.
Text Books:
1. English for Students of Science edited by A. Roy and P.L. Sharma, Orient Longman.
2. Spoken English for India by R.K. Bansal and J.B. Harrison, Orient...