The Pearl Essay
Basil Ketchum
October 7, 2008

Is the pearl really evil? That could be in answered in two different ways, depending on your point on your point of your point of view, yes or no. Some people might say the pearl wasn’t the evil thing, but the people’s greed. Another way to look at is that the pearl was indeed the evil object in all this, because it is the thing that has caused all those bad things to happen.
One might think that the pearl isn’t evil because you might think that an inanimate object without a mind cannot be evil. The people’s greed seems like the more evil thing. The pearl isn’t evil, just the way the people react to it. If no one wanted all that money then they wouldn’t have tried to steal it, cheat Kino and such. The pearl had changed the people into becoming greedy people that would do anything to get the pearl.
Another way to think of it is that the pearl is the evil object. One reason you may think this is because the pearl caused all of this threat and danger and terrible things to happen. The pearl could be evil also because it is what caused the people to become greedy. The pearl is what made the people become greedy, which evolved into all these bad things happening.
Those are the two ways that one could’ve felt about the pearl being evil. Yes, it is evil, because of all the horrible things it has caused. Also, no, because it was the people’s greed that made the bad things happen.