Pop Culture

Once upon a time, there was a castle in which lived a king, his daughter Snow White and her step-mom. The princess was named Snow White because her skin was as white as cum. The king's first wife died in extreme pleasure while having an orgasm soon after her delivery. The king was seduced by a whore in a brothel about one year later and he married her. Snow White's step mom was actually a sexy witch which had a magical mirror. For years, the queen leaned down exposing her ass to the mirror and asked;

-Mirror, Mirror, who has the most charming asshole in this kingdom?
-Your asshole is the most beautiful, replied the magical mirror every time and the queen was satisfied.

18 years later. Snow White had turned into a beautiful young babe and she was so gorgeous that even her father, the perverted king wanted to fuck her. One day the mature queen asked the magical mirror who had the most charming asshole and she was horrified when the mirror replied;

-You do have a beautiful asshole but Snow White's asshole is close to perfection and it tastes better than yours.

The queen realized that she was no more on the top spot and most males of the kingdom fantasized on Snow White's asshole. She began to finger her shaved cunt deeply; stroking her clit, in search of an evil inspiration. She finally reached orgasm and called one of her most devoted servant and ass-fucker; Edward, the huntsman also known as Monstacus, for his monster cock. The nude queen caressed Edward's precious drilling tool and said;

-Take Snow White in the woods and fuck her with your monster cock. She is still a virgin and unlike me, she would not be able to survive the extreme pleasure. Bring me back her g-string as a token.

The huntsman stared at the love juice dripping from the queen's sopping cunt and asked;
-May I have some advance pleasure my sex mistress?

The queen lied on the bed, parting her beautiful legs and Edward pounced on her like a famished beast, twisting his tongue...