Who Are the Patients

Cosmetic Surgery: Who are the patients


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Who are the Patients

      Are you aware that there is a possible risk of patients (men and teenagers) undergoing plastic surgery can die from malignant hyperthermia; a rare reaction to anesthesia, as a result of a rare genetic anomaly that causes the uncontrolled overheating of the body? Regardless of this; today more men and teenagers are acquiring plastic and cosmetic surgery.
        Throughout the past, cosmetic surgery was only performed on patients to correct abnormalities. Cosmetic surgery is also performed on patients disfigured by accidents, tumors, burns, and birth defects. According to Devore, S (1989), cosmetic surgery; in most instances, involves changing what’s normal so that it will look more attractive (para. 4).   In 1988 statistics have shown that 1.1 million reconstructive surgeries were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States.
Additionally, age, and appearance is one of the contributing factors of why more men are getting cosmetic surgeries, this year, at least 600,000 men, women and teenagers will have Rhinoplasty or otherwise known as “nose job” That is one of the most popular seek out procedures along with “tummy tucks,” facelifts (rhytidoplasty), consequently it helps boost confidents and increase self confidents amongst men and women.   According to Grogran, S and Trujillo, N (1999) “studies have shown the hyper visibility of men in the media has generated concerns regarding the health, self-esteem and body image of young men and boys. Men are presented with image; that pressure them to look a certain way and have a particular body shape and size” (p. 109). In the same way, cosmetic surgery can help to increase the self-esteem of some teenagers dealing with self-consciousness.
Moreover, men and teenagers get cosmetic surgery for different reasons; some get it for personal reasons, and some for professional reasons....