One night the 3 cats were starting to get sleepy in their cottages. But Rocky got the first surprise. Rocky started hearing crunchy noises coming from all the candy.
“Oh, I guess it’s just the wind coming through the candy. I mean, nothing can hurt me!”
As soon as Rocky said that that whole house of candy came falling down. Right before his eyes was this teeny weenie little rat. Rocky screamed his tiger scream and ran all the way away. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. Boy tigers/lions are frightened of little things. Well in this story they are.
The next house the rat decided to get down was the brick house. I would think that a rat that small would never be able to take down a strong brick house but surprisingly enough, the rat did. He used a sledge hammer to crack through the bricks. As boys are scared of little things, that means so was Mufasa. Just like Rocky, he ran extremely fast right out into the distance.
The rat tried and tried nibbling through the flowers but he just couldn’t! See, the rat had hay fever so whenever he took a breath to bite the flowers; he would sneeze heavily and fall to the ground. Tiger Lynn heard this and walked out to find the rat continuously sneezing. The rat was majorly frightened and said in his teeny weenie voice; “h-hi, um, I’m Lionel the rat and, uh, I know it looks like I’m trying to ruin the house but all I want is a home!”

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