Knight Blah

The movie is every bit the big budget blockbuster, extravaganza that you expect it to be. If you love action, comedy and a smidging of romance this is the idle film for you. This is if trying to be a typical James Bond film?
The film stars Tom Cruise, famous for “Mission impossible”, “Top gun” and “War of the worlds”. Tom Cruise’s roles in films always seem to be predictable a wanna be action hero. On the other hand Cameron Diaz surprises us and plays a variety of roles, from a devoted and loving mum who cares for her terminally ill daughter in “My sisters keeper”, she jumps straight in to Knight and day and plays a ditsy blonde who knows nothing else but to prune herself and drive nice cars but she suddenly becomes an expert at shooting.
Knight and Day is a film about a tiny battery (formally known as a perpetual energy battery) this battery looks like something you would find in a back of a toy bunny, so what’s all the fuss about? Throughout the film Cruise and Diaz use every form of transport known to mankind from aeroplanes to motorbikes that save you from being trampled on by a bull. How far will Cruise go just to save a battery?
The special effects were just about satisfactory, and shouldn’t be taken to seriously. Could you really fight a bull with just a red motorbike and get out without a single scratch to you or the bike? Another scene is when Tom Cruise wipes out an entire plain full of agents with his masterful martial arts manoeuvres. At the beginning of “Knight and Day” you’re not sure whether you’re watching another “Mission impossible” or “Top gun” film, Tom Cruise always seems to have a confused look on his face, though despite his lack of inches and charm he always seems to get the girls. The genre of this film is action and action is exactly what you get. There’s not a single scene without a shooting or some sort of fight.
Knight and Day is rated (12) due to moderate violence and some strong language. This would be suitable for...