Work Experience Completion Report

My plan was to get an idea for the career I intend to pursue and that is Business Management.

The aspects of the work that interested me the most was, how the whole process in the Service department flowed so smoothly, watching all the staff doing their day-to-day work was most interesting, because it showed me how interdependent the whole company was.

During the course of the week I was given time to observe all the processes and procedures, and I was even given a challenge once, I did not find it extremely difficult but it was pleasantly refreshing after all the observation. I was asked to find out how much the business would charge a particular Honda car to be serviced, and how much profit the business would make from it.

I was able to use initiative, I was given the opportunity to become independent, and I learnt many things that I was not expecting to learn about the business management of a company.

I was able to get along with everyone they were extremely helpful, especially on my first day when I was feeling nervous and shy. I adjusted very well to their environment, when I needed to information they were more than happy to provide it even when I did not understand the first time they did not hesitate to explain again, which I thought was very thoughtful of them.

  This experience taught me that Business Management is very interesting and pursuing a career in it would be very helpful to me. It also taught me to expect the unexpected because on my first day I did not expect to learn many of the things I learnt during my week there.

This experience has helped me a little to decide on whether I would like to pursue a career in Business Management, and it is only a little because I know that there are other areas of business management that I could try.

Overall, I highly enjoyed my week at the Honda Company, I met many respectful people and they were highly helpful towards me. In addition, I aim to be...

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