As a child, Gerald is fascinated by fire. His mother Monique, a negligent drug addict, leaves him alone in the apartment and he lights the apartment on fire.   For this, his mother is imprisoned for negligence.   During his mother’s absence, his aunt Queen takes him into her care until his mother will be able to come home.   Six years later, his mother returns with a new husband, and with Gerald’s new little sister, which he knew not of. Not long after his mother returns, Gerald comes face to face with tragedy once again.   His aunt Queen suffers a heart attack and dies.   This resorts Gerald to live with his mother and her new husband.   As time progresses in their apartment along with Gerald and his sister Angel, Gerald learns of the sexual, physical, and mental abuse that Jordan has been putting Angel through.   Thinking that he had no other choice, Gerald turns to Robbie Washington’s dad and tells him what has been going on in the apartment.   Mr. Washington decides to go to the police and he and Gerald catch him with Angel in the apartment. This sentences him to prison for six years and that was the last time they saw him, or so they thought.   Monique, Gerald, and Angel move several times after Jordan is incarcerated and find a stable home.   Six years later after his incarceration, Jordan returns and they thought everything was going to be fine but in the back of Gerald’s mind he knew that he would have to keep an eye on him. Monique gets into a terrible accident and gets hurts and leaves Jordan to be the only provider left in the apartment for the kids. Tempers flare, and preconceived notions of Jordan’s past as an abusive father are revived.   And the final confrontation between Gerald and his hot-tempered stepfather is soon to come to a head.

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