An Interview with Hitler
Interviewer: Good afternoon Adolf, can you spare a few minutes for a quick interview?
Hitler: Sure, go ahead, as long as it’s quick, but then again I’m not really doing anything.
Interviewer: Now, where to start? You’ve been in jail for quite a while now, how are your parents coping?
Hitler: I have no parents. Let’s see, my mother’s dead, and as for my father, I’d rather not talk about him.
Interviewer: Sorry to seem nosy, but if you can talk about your early life, I can have the media on your side, and people will feel empathetic for you, meaning you will have more supporters.
Hitler: If I have to. Where would you like me to start?
Interviewer: I’ve heard that you are defined by your teenage years, so why don’t you start there?
Hitler: Okay then, but it’s not exactly an interesting story. “My entire schooling was 5 years of primary school and 4 years of secondary school”(pg 35 source 4). My grades were average, with a few bad grades (at mainly writing) but I was excelling in gymnastics and freehand drawing. (pg 34 source 2)
Interviewer:   So you were good at gymnastics eh? This means you were physically fit, right?
Hitler: Yes, and because of this, when I decided to participate in the Great War, I was assigned to be a messenger. I was often described as ‘always ready to carry through messages in the most difficult positions and at great risk to his life.’ I was also rewarded the Iron Cross (second class) for my actions in the war. (pg 35 source 5)
Interviewer: That there sounds pretty amazing and courageous. Now, what was it that made you become anti-Semitist and bring rise to the NAZI party?  
Hitler: Well, in school, our teachers taught us to hate the ‘Juden’, or Jews. The teacher would separate the class into two groups – one with Jews, the other with Germans. The teacher would then tell us to note any distinctive features a Jew had to tell them apart from the rest of humanity. (pg 79 source 5) Also, throughout classes, the...

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