Nowadays, people started to value the development of biofuels and have been a great discussion about the issue of using biofuels. Although, biofuels are normally considered to be one of the promising sources of renewable energy and play a vital role in human life by environmentalists, many studies in recent years show that using biofurls will have many problems come out which will damage economy such as   food shortage which is related to raising the food crops price. According to Aditya Chakrabortty (2008) claims that biofuels have caused global food prices raise by three quarter. Moreover producing biofuels are probably no benefit at all and it will construct a worse environment (Corbyn 2007). This essay will discuss whether biofuels can solve the entire energy problem and the positive and negative point of utilizing biofuels.

According to UCDAVIS (University of California 2007) the definition of biofuels, such as ethanol, methanol and biodiesel are renewable fuels which refine from biological substance that can be reproduced. This differentiates them from fossil fuels which are deliberated non-renewable.

Biofuels are recommended that it can cope with the energy problem. Philips (2008) claims that biofuels has been seen as a reasonable replacement for fossil fuels by many environmentalists. In generally, the suggestion are good as biofuels are a renewable resource which is normally derived from farming products and it can be used in our daily life instead of petroleum, therefore, the dependency of petroleum will deduce, therefore it may help to reduce global warming (Sunday Times 2007).

However, the worldwide influence in economy has been obvious by using bidfuels which is associated to the increased food price and food shortage. A couple of years ago, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation asserted that there were 37 countries presently faced food crisis and “some experts ... have identified the growth of biofuels as one of the main cause...