Bio Fuel

BIO Fuel

September 10, 2008

This marketing plan executed by the energy giant BP, will be marketed primarily to those segments of the market that have the greatest amount of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV). The areas of primary focus will be government agencies worldwide, military vehicles, the large fleets of diesel powered transportation companies, and to the common household driver. The use of alternative fuels in nations is designed to meet the needs of Governments, environmentalists, corporations, and the citizens of nations globally.
It is the goal of Bp to meet the fuel needs of nations worldwide, while at the same time satisfying the demands by government agencies and environmentalists. By using bio-fuels Bp plans on being the world leader in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is contributing to climate change. It is the objective of Bp to market its products safely and allows the public to access not only its success, but also its environmental track record. The marketing mix includes providing fuel that burns safer and puts money back into the pockets of hard working citizens. Bp plans on marketing its product as a new “green” fuel that is safe for the environment.
Part 2: Situation Analysis –
Internal Analysis
BP is one of the world's largest energy companies. It provides its customers with fuel for transportation and energy for heat and light. BP also offers retail services and petrochemicals products which include gas stations, motor oil, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas.
In 2007, BP reported sales and operating revenues of $284 billion dollars while operating in 29 active markets around the world. BP is a global energy group employing over 96,000 people and operating in over 100 countries worldwide. It owns 17 refineries of which five are in the USA, seven in Europe and five are in other parts of the world.
BP Alternative Energy has substantial businesses in Solar, wind and gas fired power and is developing...