Beowulf Review

      Let me start off by saying if you read and liked the original poem “Beowulf” don’t watch or should I say waste your time on this movie. Beowulf starred Brendan Gleeson, Anthony Hopkins, and Angelina Jolie. Was produced by Martin Shafer, Roger Avary, and Neil Gaiman, directed Robert Zemeckis. The only part of this movie that even resembles the original text is the character’s names and the same three monsters are present. Other than that the movie takes a completely different outlook on Beowulf, even making him seem less heroic and more like a coward. In the original poem, Beowulf never slept with Grendel’s mother, and neither did the king. Instead Beowulf went into her lair and cut her head off.
      The dragon was not his son either, which made this retelling of Beowulf even more ridiculous. However the voice acting was excellent considering this whole movie is in 3D computer graphics. The attention to detail was superb for the special effects, which makes this even sadder that they didn’t do more with the Beowulf story. The action sequences were brief and not interesting, and thankfully seldom happened, thus making this movie very boring to watch. I found myself dosing off and almost falling asleep during the long redundant love triangle scenes that made this movie an extreme bore to watch.
      Bottom line is this movie is terrible and does not portray Beowulf in a heroic way at all. You should avoid this movie at all cost, especially if you like the original story.