Concert Review

Murphy, Kaleb
Intro. To Music Sec. 015
Dr. Dean, Instructor
*Submitted: February 28th*, 2010
Concert Review #1
Students from UTC and Bryan College
Chopin: The Ballades and Scherzos
Last evening, February 27th, 2010, I attended a wonderful concert performed by students from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and also students from Bryan College. The students performed songs by Chopin, a French composer primarily known for piano compositions. The students performed the scherzos and ballades wonderfully; they were virtually flawless. The students performed in the Roland Hayes Concert Hall.
I could tell from personal experience that the students were very prepared for the concert; it’s not always easy getting on stage and performing in front of people. Especially at an even as important as a recital! The students had incredible coaching from their instructors Doctor Sin-Hsing(University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) and Doctor Sigrid Luther (Bryan College). In all fairness I must say that I read about the performance online before I attended. The concert was a repetition of a concert from the previous night at Bryan College; therefore,I believe that I expected more from the students than what was offered. The students were incredible performers; however, something was still missing.
I’m not sure if I was bored, because the music was a little slower and more relaxed than what I was expecting to experience. The ballades were very romantic feeling. They spoke to my heart. The music was truly “a gift from God”; however, it wasn’t very entertaining. I enjoyed the Scherzos a little more primarily because to me they were more entertaining. It is hard for one to keep in mind while attending the concert that the music was written by a man who was recognized at childhood to be a piano prodigy. The music was wonderful and overall I have a wonderful impression of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Music Department. If there was one thing I...