Bend It Like Beckham

Bend it like Beckham
Directed by Gurinder Chadna, Bend it like Beckham is a feature film that was released in 2002. The feature film discuss’ the difficulties of coming from a different cultural background. Jess Bhamra is an Indian girl living in a London suburb; she is constantly surrounded by people who pressure her such as her family and friends. Whilst sneaking out to play soccer she meets a girl called Jules, they soon find they have much in common. Neither girls families approve of them playing football, Jess chooses to lie to her family causing arguments to occur daily. Jules’ father is very supportive of her so she sometimes finds it hard to understand Jess’ emotions. In Bend it like Beckham Jess and Jules face daily challenges such as cultural identity and family, social pressures, the media and gender stereotypes. Gurinder Chadna uses filmic codes such as symbolic, technical and audio to explore the overarching theme of difference and diversity.
The media has a great impact on people’s lives as it can be seen almost anywhere you go, it therefore influences the decisions you make to some degree. The media today can publicize humanly figures into something they are not. It also has the power to create many ideas from a key topic weather it been a person or an item. The media in the film Bend it like Beckham portrays David Beckham to be a god, not only to people who follow football but to anyone. Most women idolize Beckham for his good looks; Jess however idolizes him for his great ability to be able to play football. Jess is a football fanatic- football is her life. She dreams playing alongside her hero- David Beckham. Throughout the film we see Jess in her bedroom surrounded by walls covered in David Beckham posters. These posters are very important as they provide us with knowledge about Jess. We are able to view how she thinks of Beckham. I think Jess would consider making decisions just like David Beckham because he has done so well in his football...