Compare & Contrast Blackrock and Bend It Like Beckham

Compare & Contrast Essay
Compare and contrast the two films and discuss the boundaries or challenges the main characters must overcome?
The two teen flick films “Blackrock” & “Bend it like Beckham (BILB)” are films that place their respective main characters; Jarred (Blackrock) & Jess (BILB) through series of obstacles, challenges, conflicts that they had to overcome.
Within the two films there were numerous of themes that created its respective conflicts & obstacles in each film. Although both films have some similarities but they have countless differences in their filmic style, themes, intensity, realism and several others.
“Bend it like Beckham” is a teen flick about an Indian girl named Jess who wants to play soccer instead of being married like her sister. The main theme is cultural expectations and the moral of the film is “to follow your own dreams and not letting someone else tell you what to do.” / “The world is changing so let me be”
The main obstacle for Jess was: if Jess wanted to play soccer and play professional or was it better to give up, be obedient and just get married (cultural expectation). The style of the film is quite realistic as it does accept the cultural values and its racial understandings.   Although the intensity of the film was greatly lacked it did have the realism that we all can understand.
“Blackrock” is a teen flick which was based on a true story. Due to the fact that it was based on a true story this creates more emphasis and intensity of the film and creates a high level of realism.
The film is about a surfing town that recently suffered and held a great loss. It was a murder that had occurred; the child was harshly ganged raped and bashed upon to death. Jarred was probably the only witness of the incident. As the police investigated on the incident, Jarred had to decide whether to follow and stick with the society expectation or to betray his friends and turn them in.   This causes mass emotional...