Bend It Like Beckham Summary

Bend it like Beckham!

A great British comedy that makes you feel good
„Bend it like Beckham“ is a very funny movie starring Parminder Nagra (Jess) and Keira Knighltey (Jules). It was shot in 2002 in England and inspired by David Beckham.
The film is about the Indian girl Jesminder Bamrah (Jess) who loves to play football in the park with her best friend Tony (Ameet Chana) and is a huge fan of David Beckham.
When Jules, a girl of a local girl’s football team is watching Jess one time playing in the park, she encourages Jess to join the team. And that's what Jesminder does then. But she doesn't tell her parents because they wouldn't allow her to do so, as they are very conservative and they want her to go to university later on.
Jess and Jules become best friends and they really have a good time.                                      
But, Jesminder’s parents find out that Jess is in the girls team when her coach Joe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) calls around to tell them that Jess has got tremendous potential. As a result they forbid her to play football again. So Jess has to play in the team secretly.
But then it comes even worse: The day when the talent scout comes to see the match, Jesminder’s elder sister Pinky gets engaged. But Jess really wants to play this match, so she has to manage the situation in the best way.

The conflict between Jess' elders and football, love, friendship, family, Indian culture, tradition and of course girls soccer give this movie its entertaining components. I really like this film a lot and I just can advise it to everyone who wants to see a great feeling-good comedy!