Bend It Like Beckham

Jess is a second generation Indian who was born and raised in England and who is integrated into the western culture/community. She has her own dreams and her greatest passion is football which she will not give up for any reason. Her parents, on the other hand, came to England many years ago and never fully integrated. They stick to their religion and traditions and consequently also want their children to preserve their culture. Jess and her sister Pinky, for example, have to have a proper traditional Indian wedding, with an Indian husband.

Gender Roles:     Jules is the only daughter of her parents who do,, love her, but in their culture people do not think highly of girls who play football. According to her Mum, football is seen as a male sport and this should not change. Nevertheless, her father supports her.

The Bhamras have raised their daughters according to their traditional Indian-Sikh beliefs and customs, but Jess and Pinky as young British women are equally influenced by contemporary British culture. This often conflicts with their parents’ traditional beliefs and practices. The scene where Jess’s parents find out that Jess has deceived them and gone to Hamburg, Jess’s mother asks her husband “what haven’t we done for these girls?” Whilst this, the girls are in the next room talking about love.

Although Jesminder encountered many difficulties with her over controlling parents and strict culture, she persisted by taking many risks in an attempt to achieve her goal of pursuing a professional career in football, as she knew this was something she felt very passionate about, and would enjoy making a living out of. By taking many risks, in the end, Jess did manage to successfully achieve her goal, through earning a scholarship to play football professionally in America.