We, the students believe that the school is slowly turning into a prison. It seems as if the school administrators is really not worried about education and is focusing more on dress code. Many complaints have been brought up about these dress code rules and many students have been left unanswered. These rules make students dread going to Scotlandville.
One of the dress code rules is about shoes and the color of them. Why does the color of my shoes matter? The color of someone shoes is not a distraction. Many people don’t pay attention to someone’s shoes as they pay attention to the lesson that should be taught by the teacher. The color shoes don’t affect a student’s learning ability. The fact that teachers take away from the learning time to write a student up for them does affect it. Many people probably have only one pair of shoes and it also might not be the color that is required to wear. Most teachers don’t know a student’s situation and probably can’t afford a pair of shoes that’s in color so they only wear that color shoes.
Also another issue is the problem with the khaki pants. Does it matter if its dark or lighter than the normal khaki? Isn’t it still khaki? Its not like I come to school in jeans or black pants. At the end of the day its still khaki regardless of the shade.
My last problem is the outerwear? Why is it such a problem to wear a different color jacket or sweatshirt. The black Scotlandville hoodie wouldn’t keep us warm in winter because of how thin it is. Most students also already have jackets from previous school years and are not planning on buying anymore. It shouldn’t matter the color of the outerwear as long as they have their id visible. It seems as if most administrators here at the school would rather want you to have a thin Scotlandville hoodie or sweatshirt on rather than being warm. This would cause most of the students to get sick and the spread of it.