Belbin Results,

I had my direct supervisor (my AP) take the Belbin for me.   He said it was hard and time consuming.   I thought this was a good response because that meant he was serious about it.

The results on the survey were different.   I scored the highest as an Implementer. I think this correlates on how I assess my abilities as a leader.   The basic result is that I think I can turn ideas (visions) into practical action.   I recognize this as a leader of my department.   I try my best to provide my colleagues with support in their endeavors and lead them in the vision of the school.

On the other hand my AP result identifies me as a Monitor Evaluator.   This type has positive qualities for leadership such as “seeing all options” and applies “accurate judgment”.

I had to ask myself why there was a contrast in the evaluation of my leadership.   I concluded that my AP is only an observer.   He sees me interact with my department and the administrative team. I guess I often do present myself as thinker.   I process quietly then express my opinions.   However, he only has a small time frame in his observation.   He does not see my day-to-day, minute-to-minute exchange.

We tied with 11 points each for a Shaper.   The Shaper has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles.   I do feel that I am willing to take on obstacles and often times are looked upon to be the Shaper when issues arise.   As a developing leader, I used to get the “questionable” student teachers.   Currently as a department chair, I have the responsibility to work with a person who could be dismissed at the end of the year for unsatisfactory performance.   While frustrating, I somehow find the energy to continue to assist that teacher with instructional support.

As stated before I feel the inventory was fairly accurate on how I perceive myself.   I do feel that as a leader, I need to be disciplined, focused, and make our efforts worthwhile.   I do think though the qualities exposed in the...