Bad Times at Quality Shoe

Week 2 Checkpoint: Bad Times at Quality Shoe

I am not impressed with Mack's approach in solving his problem. I think it is good that Mack attended those classes to help better his supervisory skills, but I do not think a supervision class would teach supervisors to stay uninvolved in huge decisions that could make or break the company. I feel that Mack could have show-cased his skills as a supervisor in a better manner. Speaking with an employee about the cuts should not be done until a decision is made on how to address all employees.

If I was Ralph, I would feel honored that a supervisor trusts me enough to give me such a task. However, Ralph is not a supervisor, and this huge task should not be asked of him. I would politely tell Mack that I do not want to be responsible for telling the group of the bad news. I would tell Mack that if he wants me to sit with him one on one, that I would help him create a useful plan, but telling everyone the bad news should be a task that he should take on.

If Mack does not approve of the groups decision, he must create a plan that will work. Since he has chosen to involve the groups opinions on this huge task, he should sit the group down, listen to all suggestions, then form a plan around each suggestion. Mack must think of the company, the people, and his job. Mack should create a plan that will please the majority of his employees.