Bad Time for Grocery Shopping

Descriptive Essay
Bad time for grocery shopping
    The one thing that I had on my mind while I was walking towards   the clock out are was the picture of my bed because I did not get enough sleep and that was the only thing I wanted to do as I went home was to sleep .   I was trying to Ignore all my friends as I was leaving but they were all like saying later and peace to me so I had to respond to them or I would be called a jerk so I stop and say buy but that took a   while because   just a buy just tuned into a conversation . It   took almost five minutes top get out of it and finally I clocked out and ran towards my car.
    As I was running towards to my car   I saw an old lady who was struggling to pick up her grocery and put it in her car so I offer my help. Then I walk towards my car and as soon as I open my door I get a call . A call I always get at the same time and I hate the most . It was my mom who always calls me after I am done working for long eight hours of hard work and just to do some grocery shopping . So as usual I agree   and go back in the store with a cart and a mom telling me what to buy .
    She starts with produce department where I work . She tells me to buy anything that’s on sale, so I tell her that everything is on sale should I buy everything . She yells at me and tells me to stop being a smart ass and tells me to buy   some mushrooms ,cilantro ,tomatoes ,red and green bell peppers . Then she tells me to buy any fruit that I wanted I tell her that I work in the produce department I gat to eat all this for free so I just do not any fruit and kept moving towards the bakery .
    At the bakery she wanted m to pick up some freshly made tortillas so I take one and start moving. But then she asks me the date on the tortillas I tell her 8/30 so she tells me to look for a better date that would last longer . So I   start looking through the hundreds of bundles of tortilla and in the end find out that all had the same date . Then she...