Perfect Shoes as a Solution

By: Mildred Wenzler

      Shoes are an essential part of ever Americans life. Shoes do play an important role in our daily lives as they   define our individuality and/or lifestyle, and allow us to be accepted in our society. Without shoes a person would not be able to be accepted in public places and most stores, they may also be frowned upon by other members of society for deviating from the norms. We are expected to have our feet covered in public. We cover our feet with clogs, stilettos, mules, pumps, flip flops, tennis shoes, boots, and sandals just to name a few. Just because our feet are covered doesn’t necessarily mean that what we put on our feet is really beneficial to the general health of our feet. The wrong size, fit or type of shoe can cause foot disorders and pain. You’ve heard the old expression “walk a mile in my shoes.”   When it comes to foot gear, will yours go the distance?
    The first thing a person should consider is to purchase shoes toward the end of the day, when your feet tend to be the most swollen, for a truer indication of foot size. A person’s foot should be measured manually using a device to determine the correct shoe size. Be sure to measure both of your feet, one foot is almost always larger than the other, so make sure your shoes fit the larger foot comfortably. Remember to take along the socks or hosiery that you will routinely wear with the desired shoes.   A shoe should fit in length, width, and depth when standing. A proper shoe fit is a “feel” not a size. Don’t make the mistake of choosing style over comfort. Shoes should not need to be “broken in.” Try the shoes on and give them a good test drive around the store. If the shoes are uncomfortable in the store, they likely will be uncomfortable later.  
    Choose shoes based on the activity you will be doing while wearing them. Shoes that will be worn often should have extra padding and protection on the instep and all pressure points of the...