Bad Dat

December 15, 2009

Robin Behn
Creative Writing Program Director
University of Alabama
214 Morgan Hall
Tuscaloosa, AL   35487-0244

Dear Ms. Behn:

I am writing to you in support of Ms. Melanie E. McCullough and her desire to attend the University of Alabama’s MFA program. I have unique insight into Ms. McCullough’s character and abilities since I met her as an elementary student and have known her the breadth of some fourteen years. She was first a student in the Enrichment program that I head at Winfield Elementary and Winfield Middle Schools for six years; later, a high school member of the drama club I sponsored at Winfield High School; and I have, since her graduation, served as a mentor and friend to her as she attended Freed-Hardeman University. As a teacher of exceptional children, I have worked with many creative and talented students, yet in my twenty-one years as an educator, only a few students have distinguished themselves as truly remarkable, Ms. McCullough topping that short list. Therefore, I highly recommend that she be given the opportunity to attend your program.

I have witnessed Ms. McCullough’s talents as a writer from an early age and her natural ability has continued to blossom through the years. She has a unique perspective for someone of her age and an amazing gift for the perfect turn of phrase. You will find her to be very committed to learning her craft and she seamlessly collaborates with others. There have been many occasions over the years when she and I have either written together or she has asked me to edit her writings and she has demonstrated that she is very open to constructive criticism and assimilates it to improve her product. Ms. McCullough is also someone who consistently proves reliable, meeting any deadlines given to her and will, more often than not, exceed expectations. Although I have seen Ms. McCullough excel onstage as a talented actress, and on the page as a skillful writer, perhaps the best example of...