Awareness and Understanding of the Target Audience


There will be many considerations to deliberate at our meeting next week.

I have attached a bubble diagram where I have attempted to identify the important factors in promoting a positive health & safety culture.   I think that the two most important subjects are the influencing of human behaviour and effecting cultural change.

My personal opinion is that we will need to consider and understand our target audience.   This aspect is probably the most difficult of all as there are many employers and employees; all of whom have differing leadership / management styles, and cultures, etc.

Not wanting to re-invent the wheel or even patronise anyone, I have added some notes below as food for thought prior to our meeting.   It is not my intention to offend but only to add my thoughts on the forthcoming meeting and subject matter.   If you have the time please read on.

Organisational Factors
  Jobs are allocated, and individuals perform their tasks, within the context of the organisation. The organisation itself is, therefore, an important factor in conditioning the behaviour of individuals and groups at the workplace. The two key elements in this are the management of the organisation and its culture.
  • The style of management dictates the way in which people work — the priorities which are seen as important (speed, quality, working safely, etc.), the type of controls operated and the degree of individual responsibility allowed, the way in which people are motivated, the support offered to individuals through instruction and training, etc.
  • The organisation's culture sets the tone for the individual and group behaviour — the priorities which they see as important, the involvement and attachment people have to the organisation, their ability to influence its operations, etc.

  Both these factors are central to health and safety. Both management and the culture should promote employee involvement and...